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Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. establishes the Yamaha Club to bring together the Yamaha Motorcycle community, creating an experience that raises them above the rest.



For us to improve our service, we need your support in answering some questions.




For us to improve our service, we need your support in answering some questions.

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You can enjoy exclusive discounts, advance information on all Yamaha events. you can also earn Yamaha Club Points and redeem items in Yamaha Club website.


Yamaha Club Terms and Conditions


Yamaha Club is an exclusive Membership for all the Yamaha motorcycle users in the Philippines. Only Yamaha customers can enjoy the benefits of Yamaha Club. All the Yamaha Club members must follow the terms of Condition of Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc.

Yamaha Club Registration/Yamaha Club Account:

  1. Only Yamaha motorcycle customers are entitled to have the Yamaha Club card.
  2. The customers must have a Yamaha motorcycle engine number and chassis number as requirement in registering Yamaha Club account.
  3. By registering in Yamaha Club, the customers must finish all the necessary information in the registration and all information must be true and correct. Yamaha Motor Philippines has a right to remove the customer's account if the account information is not valid.
  4. Yamaha Motor Philippines has the right to suspend or remove any Yamaha Club account of the customer who violated or committed illegal doings in Yamaha Club membership.
  5. Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. has the right to remove any duplicate entry in the said registration

Yamaha Club Card:

  1. Lost Yamaha Club Card - Yamaha Club Member must purchase a minimum of PHP 150.00 worth of items in Yamaha 3S Shop. The 3S Shop staff will replace the lost card with the new one. The old Yamaha Club number will be changed and tagged with the new issued Yamaha Club card
  2. Non Transferable - Customers who attempt to use other customer's Yamaha Club card will be subjected to Voiding of Yamaha Club card.
  3. Must present a valid ID upon purchase or redemption -

Earning of Points:

  1. A Yamaha Club Member can earn Yamaha Club points by:
    1. Purchase any Yamaha Genuine parts, apparel or helmet in selected Yamaha 3S Shop Nationwide (Click here to see 3S Shops)
    2. Participating in announced Yamaha Club events.
    3. Participating in activities announced by Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc.
  2. Only Yamaha Motor Philippines reserves the right to add/lessen or void Yamaha Club point of any Yamaha Club Member if the member merits or commits an illegal matter
  3. YMPH has the right to remove the account of any Yamaha Club member who will do illegal actions in earning Yamaha Club points.
  4. Partner company products are not included in points earning
  5. PHP 100.00 worth of purchase is equivalent to 1 Yamaha Club Point. YMPH can update the points based on product promotions
  6. Points can be expired within a period of time so make sure to use it
  7. We will base the earning of points in SRP of Yamaha Products

Points Redemption:

All Yamaha Club Points can be used in the following:

  • Free pass in Yamaha events
  • Touring activities
  • Limited edition items
  • Redeeming Partner company items.
  • Buying Yamaha Genuine Parts and apparel and Helmet.
  • Others

General Conditions:

System Hacking
Expiration of Yamaha Club card - all expired Yamaha Clubs card must update their account information and must purchase a minimum of PHP 150 in selected Yamaha 3S Shops Nationwide.
If Yamaha Club Points are not reflected on the account of the Yamaha Club Member, the Member may request for retroactive crediting of missing Yamaha Club Point/s.
Yamaha Club member shall request the retro-active crediting within six (6) months from the earning Date.
      Member should allow at least four (4) weeks processing time to double check if the query of the Member is valid.
Only the following email address and contact numbers below can give certain information regarding Yamaha Club. Any other information from others sources will not be honoured by YMPH.

Email address:
Yamaha Club Hotline: 09175842904